For Children: 5+4 = Sweet Dreams




What happens to a giant when he shrinks?
What could you do with a cloak that makes you invisible?
Could you be friends with a very ugly monster?
Imagine the reaction of your friends if you brought to school an alien
from outer space.

Ever heard of a tiger that couldn’t roar?
What if fairies did exist?
Imagine your toys coming alive!
How sad would a spotty dog be without spots?
What’s it like being lost at a fairground?
The answers to these wonderful questions and more can be found in
these easy-to-read bedtime (or anytime) stories.
The magic comes to life when the parent/guardian or teacher reads the stories to an audience of children whose eyes sparkle with inquisitive delight as they wait to find out what happens next! A sure way of nurturing imagination, early wisdom, and affection.

Colourfully illustrated these 9 modern day fairy tales are created to provoke the imagination of the child, to encourage questions from which essential principles for a happy formative upbringing can be reinforced.

Is this book right for you and your child?

To the Parent/Guardian/Teacher

Sweet Dreams is a collection of modern day fairy tales. Each one is short, yet compelling and creative, sufficiently so to keep the child’s attention and, more importantly, to encourage them to ask questions.

These questions, and the discussion that may follow, will lead into a wonderful exploration of whys and what ifs and hows, to enrich the child’s education and imagination.

The experience of telling the stories to your children will bring you closer together and the bond, with fond memories, will be there forever.

The language used in the stories is also at a level to encourage early stage reading.

To the Young Person
If you want to improve your reading but don’t like the thought of taking on a large story, then you will enjoy reading this book. If you like a variety of tales from adventure to aliens, to friendly monsters and fairy tales then this is the book for you.
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