eBook Version: 54 Steps to Happiness: How to Lose Weight – FREE


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On this extraordinary journey, Mike Wash opens up his personal life to readers. In doing so, he challenges himself to become healthy in mind, body, and spirit. He uses his quest to lose weight as a vehicle to reflect on his life and, in doing so, challenges how we view others and the events around us. Written in 2005, it brings to life world events from that time period – from terrorism to major disasters – and therefore becomes one man’s snapshot of history and a valuable record of our time for all to appreciate.

Included are the following:

The Journey of Happiness parable takes you on a journey of discovery and discovers the elements of happiness during encounters with mysterious figures and challenges.

The Wheel of Happiness is a useful graphic that brings together all the elements for effective living and reminds us of the ingredients of a
well balanced and happy and fulfilling life.

Written in the style of a diary the reader can chose to read from cover to cover or to open at any of its 250 pages and seek inspiration or use as an opportunity to reflect on their own quest for health and happiness.

It includes many descriptions of the ways in which we sabotage ourselves and therefore thwart our well intentioned efforts to become that perfect healthy person we all seek to be. In highlighting these mind games we play on ourselves it can become possible to be smarter and more aware of our vulnerabilities and in doing so give us a greater sense of choice of how and who we want to be.


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