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Life is very short, and some people go through life learning very little or not realising that experiences coming their way are inevitable. The simple truths you are about to read are those inevitable events, incidents, and moments that will touch everyone eventually in his or her lifetime. We can make the most of the time we have by being alert and aware of the choices we make in life and the impact they have on ourselves and others.

Exploring, debating, and reflecting on these simple truths may
raise complexities and grey areas, and you may say that there is no
such thing as a simple truth.

What may be a truth for some may not be for others. What is simple
to some is complex to others. The point here is – it’s your choice. You
choose what value you gain from these reflective and challenging
statements. Challenging, because each simple truth is accompanied by ‘brutal’ advice. Brutal, only in the sense that I have not included any complex, theoretical, or academic reasoning behind what I write here.

Instead I have chosen the path of tough love, to get straight to the point leaving you with personal reflections and challenges and I hope, a desire to find out more through the many self help resources available.

I have tried to express the ideas from the heart with good
intention so that when you pause and ask yourself so what? the
answer is in the realm of common sense or some will find the answers difficult to accept. By the way, a word of warning: always be wary of advice given to you. It’s always better to take your own counsel, make your own choices, and forge your own direction. I hope you enjoy the journey you are about to embark upon, and perhaps you may add other simple truths to the 54 described here.

Each simple truth is accompanied by an illustration which either supports or challenges the principles underlying the advice given.

After you read, I hope you take the opportunity to share your
experiences and insights on our self-help community website. Join our stimulating and insightful community. Read about other people’s life challenges and how they deal with them. Share your own. Find more help with health, weight, stress and business success. We also have forums for teachers, parents and students.



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