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New Web site

Hi – thanks for visiting my new website – its redesigned to be simpler and easier to use and responsive on PCs, smart phones and tablets.
Please send me you constructive feedback either via the site or through Facebook


2 thoughts on “New Web site

  1. Hi Mike
    I saw you wanted feedback on your website via Lindsey Jackson’s facebook.I tried on your contact details on your website but it would not send…something to do with a problem with your server. Some thoughts from me which I hope will help. I facilitate Resilience events so I have an interest and consequently have looked at or read some self help type books.
    Your web site is basic, I dont mean that in a negative way, and easy to navigate. For me I look for a hook and after listening to your interview I was engaged by the following statements. Brutal advice, tough love,chapter that spoke to you and practical full of illustrations. I also liked your 7 elements of happiness. I just wondered if it would help in your marketing on the website if you projected some hooks more on your home page? Hope that helps. Dave

    1. Thanks Dave
      Not really into the hooks and hard sell – I hope the book speaks for itself – I would love to send you a copy – can you PM me your address so I can post you one

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